After the great success achieved, it could not have gone differently: Thirteen (13 Reason Why), will have a second season.
The confirmation comes directly from Netflix with a video posted on the official page of the TV series.


To see the new 13 episodes we will have to wait for 2018. But how will the story develop in this second season after the protagonist's suicide?

From Netflix they let people know that the " consequences of the death of Hannah Baker and the difficult recovery path of the characters" will be told. Very likely that the whole cast will be involved once again. The protagonist Katherine Langford - she knows the creator and showrunner Brian Yorkey in an interview with Entertainment Weekly - will still be a prominent presence in the series because she still has a lot to say.

The story will start again a few months after the vicissitudes of the last episode, with Hannah's parents determined to avenge their daughter in Court: through the process, each protagonist will be forced to ask himself how responsible he is for what happened to Baker.

Crucial, then, will also be the rape suffered by Jessica and her reaction: “He has just begun his recovery path and there is a rapist who has not been brought to justice in any way. - tells the creator of the series - to leave out these two things would be shocking. I want to see at least how it starts again and give Jessica's story well-deserved justice by seeing her go back to school, while trying to recover from what happened to her, because it is something that affects millions of young women. "

As happened in season 1, the story will take place between present and past and the famous audio cassettes will be replaced by another old technology . Finally -Yorkey said- "we will try to answer all the questions with sincerity and honesty, however painful it can be at times".