13 Reasons Why 2 First episode: the warning

Thirteen Reasons Why alias Thirteen is back: before leaving with the summary of the first episode of the stories of the friends (but not too much) of Hannah Baker we wanted to warn you that the videos of the episodes of the second season begin with an important warning, do not watch the serious if you are living delicate adolescent experiences but above all resorting to the help of a psychologist or an adult. All this has been made indispensable by the huge wave of protests for the broadcasting of such delicate subjects. Now that the complex issues have run out let's start with the summary of the first episode, happy reading!

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13 Reasons Why 2 First Episode: summary

The new plot reopens 5 months after the suicide of Hannah Baker and none of the protagonists really expected to come to trial for the facts that came to the surface thanks to Clay Jensen. The sweet boy next door has started a new story with Skye but not only does he keep thinking about Hannah, his fiancée also continues to cut himself bringing to his memory terrible memories and moreover nobody wants to call him to testify at trial (causing him a huge sense of frustration ). At school, meanwhile, the bullying (especially against Alex who survived the suicide) continues as if nothing had happened and Bryce behaves as if she doesn't have to worry about anything. It also turns out that Jessica had been away from school for a while and Bryce in her absence made everyone believe that there had been a story between them and that rape was actually a consensual sexual act. At trial other episodes of the existence of Hannah Baker are relived through flashbacks of the people who had known her: here it is discovered, for example, that Tyler Down was secretly in love with Hannah and her behavior was partly conditioned by her unrequited feelings and which on the other hand had surprised one evening the girl chat and take sexy photos; it also turns out that Tony was absolutely not at fault, indeed hides an important secret. In the meantime, hidden threats are circulating in the school towards anyone who intends to really tell how things went.

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