Summer has ended and the time has come to seriously think about university orientation : the moment of university choice is vital for those who intend to continue their studies by enrolling in one of the many degree courses present in Italian universities. In fact, it is a question of deciding the fate of one's destiny, of taking the path that will allow one to carry out, once he has graduated, the profession of one's dreams.
Of course, not everyone has clear ideas and many are undecided between two or more options, while others are in total crisis because they do not have the faintest idea of ​​what to choose once it is time to enroll in university .

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Ready to clarify your ideas then? To choose the right university, simply pay attention to your tastes, your inclinations and your school preparation. But let's see in detail how to do it:

  1. Inquire about existing faculties. The very first thing to do is to inquire and understand which faculties are offered by universities. Take a look on the Web and find out about study plans, type of faculty, degree courses and so on. We know, this is a long and often boring operation, but it is necessary to begin to understand what there is the possibility of doing at university and what are the degree courses that you like most.
  2. What do I want to do when I grow up? The second thing to take into consideration is the profession you want to undertake once you graduate. This is a very important element, because if you already know what you would like to do next, just consider the degree courses that will allow you to realize your dream.
  3. What am I good at? Obviously, you have to be realistic and try to opt for something you are more inclined towards. If you are bad in mathematics, clearly you are not going to choose a degree course in which this subject is fundamental, and so for any other discipline.
  4. What subjects do I like? Enrolling in university is not an obligation, so it is very important to find the right degree course and with the subjects you like and that we study with pleasure. Clearly there will be some disciplines that you will not like, but the important thing is that overall you are satisfied with what you are studying.
  5. How long does it take to graduate? There are difficult, easy degree courses, three-year degree courses and single-cycle master's degree courses. Therefore, keep in mind that you will have to study for at least 3 years, but for some Faculties even 5 or 6 years. The question is: how many years are you going to be on the books?
  6. What kind of school base do I have? An important element to consider is which high school you have attended, as some institutions are very specific and often do not offer the right foundation for all types of degree courses. Obviously nobody will prevent you from enrolling in a degree course just because you have attended the wrong school, but it will be up to you to understand if you will be able to overcome certain rocks or not.
  7. What can not stand absolutely? Also take into account your tastes and your inclinations: can't you bear the sight of blood? Then Medicine is not for you! Do you hate reading and aren't you good at writing? Then you can put the Faculty of Letters aside.
  8. Do I want to move or stay in my city? Once you have focused your attention on one or two faculties, the time has come to decide where to go to university: the one near home or to move right and start a new adventure as a student away from home? Evaluate the pros and cons, obviously taking into consideration the educational offer of the universities you have aimed at, and then decide.
  9. What does the university I want to choose offer? Before deciding definitively, it is necessary to evaluate one last thing, namely all that the university that you intend to choose offers. So take a look at the site, visit the university and find out about the canteen service, accommodation, transport, libraries, scholarships, exemptions and so on.

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