HOW TO BECOME A DESIGNER. There are different types of designers: interior designers, cars, fashion, glasses, shoes, jewelry … In short, it is a professional figure who has the task of designing a specific artifact. To become a designer, therefore, you need to start a generic path and then specialize in a specific sector, obviously based on your attitudes and preferences. If you are interested in this profession and want to know what is the path to follow, keep reading: we will explain in detail all you need to do to become a good designer!

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how to become a designer

HOW TO BECOME A DESIGNER: THE PATH TO FOLLOW. The fundamental ingredients for becoming a great designer are essentially creative talent, passion and desire to do. There is no precise school path: for those who already have clear ideas, they can start by enrolling in an artistic high school or a specific professional, but in any case any other high school does not preclude the possibility of becoming, in the future, a good designer . The next step can be carried out in the following ways:

  • Degree course in industrial design: trains designers specialized in industrial design and then allows you to deepen, with the master's degree, very specific areas.
  • Private design schools: in Italy and abroad there are innumerable design schools that allow not only to study in depth in a theoretical way, but offer the possibility of doing internships and internships in large companies and starting to have direct contact with the world of work.

BECOME A DESIGNER: WHAT A DESIGNER DOES. The figure of the designer has grown over time. In Italy the first designers were the architects who designed and furnished spaces and environments with specific elements. Now, however, the figure has specialized in several sectors such as:

  • Industrial design: deals with consumer goods and different types of services, such as kitchen utensils, means of transport, fashion accessories and so on.
  • Communication design: this is the design for visual communication, and deals with communication interfaces, digital products, websites, editorial products, typefaces, signage, etc.

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