Netflix catalog 2017: films and tv series coming in November

Finally the plaid season arrives, what could be better than doing a feast of movies and TV series ? Your best friend on cold autumn evenings is Netflix, which adds new titles to its catalog every month to help you spend hours of leisure and relaxation. Even in November important news arrive and you who are always up to date with the updates cannot miss them. Make yourself comfortable and browse all the news coming for you on Netflix ! Are you loaded?


Netflix catalog November 2017: the TV series

Netflix offers a very rich catalog of TV series. If you are a TV fiction eater and never miss a new release, here are the Netflix news for November 2017:

  • Alias ​​Grace, 1 season, available from Friday 3 November 2017: based on a true story, it tells the life of Grace Marks, a domestic servant immigrated from Ireland to Canada imprisoned in 1843 for having committed a crime, perhaps unfairly. Discover the whole story with this brand new miniseries.
  • Lady Dynamite, season 2, available from Friday 10 November 2017: in 12 episodes the series tells the absurd adventures of the protagonist Maria Bamford. to discover his life you can't miss this new tv series!
  • Longmire, Season 6, available from 17 November 2017: tells the story of Walt Longmire, a sheriff from a small town in Wyoming. The series is based on the novels of Craig Johnson. All fans of the series are in turmoil!
  • She's Gotta Have It, season 1, available from 23 November 2017: it is an adaptation of the Spike Lee film that tells the story of a woman and her three lovers. A series to taste!
  • Godless, season 1, available from November 22, 2017: set in 1884 in a mining town in New Mexico. Full speed then, it's about to land on your screens, don't miss it!
  • Marvel's The Punisher : in November Netflix is ​​expected to release the episodes of the spin-off of Daredevil on the Marvel character.

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Netflix catalog November 2017: the movies

For all passionate dog lovers, a new original Netflix movie is coming up with an exciting story full of twists. The film was highly appreciated by critics so much so that Netflix focuses on the film to hold an Oscar in his hand!

  • Mudbound, directed by Dee Rees, presented at the Sundance Film Festival 2017, will be available to all users from November 17th 2017 . Set in the southern United States during World War II, it is the story of two families, one against the other. A story of friendship and internal struggles, not to be missed!

Netflix: news and curiosities

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