Netflix catalog: films and tv series arriving in February 2018

News arriving on Netflix from February 2018. January is still ongoing but you, hungry for TV series, can't wait to find out what awaits you on the cold winter evenings of the second month of the year. Netflix has been promoting films and TV series that it has included in the Italy catalog for several weeks, to the delight of all fans. So, no more talk, run to read the article to find out what new titles and stories to see await you!


Netflix catalog February 2018 : the TV series

Which titles will be added to the Netflix catalog in February 2018? A few returns and new titles to meet all user needs. February will be dedicated to dystopian and denunciation TV series. Here are the news coming:

  • Altered Carbon, 1 Season, available from February 2 : TV series suitable for those who love the dystopian genre. Fiction will catapult us 300 years into the future, in a world where death does not exist. Expectations are very high.
  • Seven Seconds, 1 Season, available from February 23 : another novelty arrives towards the end of the month of which, however, not much is known yet, given that the teaser appears very mysterious. The only sure thing is that the plot will focus on social complaints and the clashes between police and African Americans.
  • Marseille, Season 2, available from February 23 : the political TV series featuring Gerard Depardieu is back. Casinos and slot machines at the center of the riots in the city.

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Netflix catalog February 2018 : the movies

Are you ready to discover the news that Netflix has in store for you in February? Netflix has managed to grab the rights to a film that promises a lot and that you can see from February. Here's what awaits you this month:

  • On Body and Soul, available from February 21 : Body and Soul, this is the title in the Italian version, is the film selected to represent Hungary at the 2018 Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category.

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