Biographical films: when the cinema stages the life of famous people

Very often the cinema has the objective of describing the life, or a part of it, of famous people or common individuals who, however, have lived noteworthy experiences. In specific language, the films of the genre are called ' biopic ', works highly appreciated by the public whether they are stories that concern famous protagonists, or as regards biographies of apparently common characters but who then acquired notoriety for various factors. Here is the ranking of the most beautiful biographical films not to be missed!

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Biographical films: "The Passion of Joan of Arc" by Carl Theodor Dreyer


Seven years after the canonization of the martyr Joan of Orleans by the Catholic church, director and screenwriter Carl Theodor Dreyer produced a film about Pucelle's life of struggle and suffering. The work " The Passion of Joan of Arc " is considered by many to be a true masterpiece not to be missed!

Biographical films: "Salt of the Earth" by Win Wenders


With " Salt of the Earth " Win Wenders described the life of the photographer SebastiĆ£o Salgado . Beyond the biographical story, the director has been able to give a wonderful image of nature by pointing his finger at the human exploitation of natural resources.

Biographical films: "The Pianist" by Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski's " Pianist " deals with the story of the highly talented Jewish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman . The story takes place in Warsaw during the Second World War and deals with the German occupation and the creation of the Jewish ghetto.

Biographical films: "Those good guys" by Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese in " Those Good Guys " talks about the life of Henry Hill, pointing to the rise to the power of man in the environment of the New York underworld. Over time the film has become a real cult, defined as one of the best gangster-movies ever.

Biographical films: David Lynch's The Elephant Man


David Lynch's " The Elephant Man " is the heartbreaking tale of the life of John Merrick, a seriously ill young man who, due to his physical deformities, is called "Elephant Man" and exhibited in a traveling circus as a paid attraction.