The famous and popular TV series Gossip Girl arrives on our screens directly from the United States and takes inspiration from the homonymous novels by Cecily von Ziegesar. As the narrative voice, present and punctual at the beginning of each episode, says, "I am Gossip Girl your only source of news on the scandalous lives of the Manhattan elite", this series focuses on the lives of children belonging to wealthy and wealthy families of Manhattan and talks about loves, friendships, betrayals and much more. It is a joy for the girls to watch the series for the fantastic clothes worn by the wonderful Serena and Blair, friends and protagonists of the series; and boys can have their eyes looking at the beautiful girls. The real mystery of the whole series is: who is Gossip Girl ? Yes, because she, through social media, manages to reveal all the secrets of the guys from Manhattan . If you saw the series and don't remember how it ended, read with us what happened in the last episode and therefore the ending of the successful series. If you've never seen it, perhaps, reading you will be curious and want to watch it (but maybe avoid reading the ending)!

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The center of the Gossip Girl story is mainly occupied by two fantastic love stories, intense and troubled, the one between Chuck Bass and Blair and the one between Dan and Serena. Around their stories revolve those of their parents, the difficult relationship between Chuck with his father and uncle, Chuck's desperate search for his real mother and, of course, the search for the true identity of Gossip Girl. During the six seasons, couples unite, separate and mix until they come to a happy ending. Chuck and Blair get married, Chuck's father dies, Serena stays in Manhattan for Dan's sake, and Nate becomes the owner of the Spectator. The real scoop of the whole series is the identity of Gossip Girl: Dan has been the hated and loved gossip girl for years, who has also written a book on everything he has discovered.

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The Gossip Girl finale brings all the fans together: Chuck and Blair get married and have a baby, Serena and Dan manage to overcome their problems, he no longer feels inferior to her and they decide to be together and get married; Dan confessing his love to Serena, manages to convince her not to leave by giving her the book he wrote and dedicated to her where, between a confession and a dedication of love, he confesses that he is a gossip girl and that he did it to feel part of that elite to which he did not feel he belonged. Chuck's father dies and with him all the existential, economic and financial problems of Chuck who also finds the relationship with his uncle. The marriage between him and Blair, in addition to being salvation for him as the girl, witness of the death of his father, will not testify against his beloved, it is above all the right crowning of a love that was born and lasted for all six seasons. And then there's Nate, Chuck's faithful friend who, at the end of the series, manages to assert himself by proving to be someone and to be able to carry on the Spectator alone.

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