Work for minors: the first job

Are you a high school student and looking for your first job ? Of an occupation that allows you to earn some money without neglecting school? There are some part-time jobs ideal for high school kids. Why work while studying? Working from high school has many advantages. For example, you can manage to finance yourself "small luxuries" that you could not afford burdening your parents, a trip with friends, the high school trip, a signed garment, etc .. Enter the world of work as adults, with experience at shoulders, it is certainly an added value that will allow you to find work more easily. Working will also help you grow and mature, feeling more independent of your family. According to Italian law it is possible to start working from the age of 16. The fields in which the younger kids generally find work are: catering, entertainment, child and animal care, commerce etc … But if your parents own a fault company, do not hesitate to ask for a job in exchange for a "pay" ”Agreed or a prize.

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Work for minors: what are they?

Here are 9 part-time jobs to do in high school:

  1. Baby-sitter: what was once called a nanny, like Mary Poppins to understand us. It is a typically female job and is suitable for girls with a lot of patience and who have perhaps already had experience with their younger siblings. Offer yourself as a babysitter for the children of relatives and neighbors, with word of mouth you could easily flood your tour of "customers".
  2. Home deliveries: do you have a moped? Are you a skilled and careful driver? Home delivery is the sector where you can easily find a job. Take a tour of the pizzerias and clubs near your home and offer yourself as a "delivery boy" for the weekend. It will not be difficult to find a part-time job.
  3. Dogsitter : this job fits perfectly with the studio, you can also do it during the week and not only on Saturdays and Sundays. Taking out the neighbors' dogs who linger at work will keep you busy a few hours a day. Do it only if you are passionate and love dogs!
  4. Leafleting : this is also a classic student occupation. You can offer your availability to specialized agencies or to shops near your home. The work is simple and not too tiring, and will allow you to keep fit with long walks!
  5. Packager / sales assistant : in many shops and in many shopping centers on weekends, especially during holidays, people are employed in gift wrapping, to offer support to shop assistants. Show up directly in the shops and show your interest, like resourcefulness and desire to do.
  6. Part-time waiter : ask mom and dad if they agree. Being waiters at the weekend, in fact, will make you come back at not too "quiet" times. You could give your availability to serve at the tables on Saturday evening and Sunday for lunch, a fair compromise for an occupation that thanks to tips can become very fruitful.
  7. Animator : the soul of children's parties! Also in this case it is possible to bring home a good nest egg. The better you are, the more children's parties you will be able to do. Obviously you will have to be brought and you will have to prepare, entertain the children and keep them at bay is not a simple thing.
  8. Doing repetitions : are you particularly good at one or more subjects? Put yourself in the teacher's shoes and do repetitions. You could help lower school or middle school students study. Place the ad on school boards near your home. Guaranteed success.
  9. Lifeguard : classic summer job which however requires specific preparation. Once you get your card, you can decide to have lifeguards all year round, on Saturdays and Sundays, at a local swimming pool. If you like swimming and have a good spirit of observation, dive!

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