Books to read: 5 titles for when you are confused

When we are confused, a good remedy to solve our problems and raise our spirits a bit is, without a doubt, reading a good book . Many times the solution to our problems is right before our eyes, but we can't see it and we are looking for who knows where. Often, among the pages of a good book, we can find a story, characters and events that, surprisingly, lead us to our real life, to our daily lives and, without realizing it, among the pages of a particular book we find just what we are looking for. Are you confused in this period? Do you need our advice on books to read? Here are the 5 headlines to read when you're confused .

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Books to read when you are confused: 5 unmissable titles

And here we are ready for the review of the 5 titles to read when you are confused that you absolutely cannot miss. Do not be afraid to read a good book in which, between the lines, you can find many answers to the many questions, doubts and confusions that you encounter in everyday life. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Bridget Jones's diary of Helen Fielding : Bridget Jones is a single woman with her strengths and weaknesses, she likes to eat and drink a lot and does not tolerate the oppression of her mother. His goal is to live the life he has chosen and demonstrate that he can do whatever he wants Image
  2. I love Shopping by Sophie Kinsella : Becky has an uncontrollable passion, shopping. She is a London journalist, very good at what she does, she is determined and full of inventiveness Image
  3. Naked and raw by Alan Bennett : it is the story of a theft, but not a simple theft. The whole house is burglarized, both the carpet and the oven already set with the timer are taken away. The book is a mix of laughter and reflections and represents a new way of doing literature Image
  4. Peter Pan by James Barrie : the adventures of this boy, who flies until the morning, represent a real way to escape from reality, follow him and, on your return, you will feel less confused Image
  5. The wool fish of Tito Faraci and Sio : the meaning of life is illustrated with the presence of heroes and heroines with the sharing of different maps of the United States Image

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