Making a comment on a work as complex and articulated as Alessandro Manzoni's Promessi Sposi is not at all simple! Where to start? The genesis, the plot, the summary of Manzoni 's novel and the analysis of the characters must be taken into consideration.
Which topic to tackle first and which to investigate? No sooner said than done: we provide you with all the tools to quickly study the Betrothed. You will find a comment on the work already done, a theme carried out and an explanation of how to write it yourself in a structured way.

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Promessi Sposi: summary, analysis and topics

Commento ai Promessi Sposi

(Ed: Sellerio publisher Palermo)


The love between Renzo and Lucia, the historical events, Don Abbondio and Gertrude, the plague, famine, religion, are some of the fundamental elements that make up the novel of Alessandro Manzoni's Promessi Sposi. The interest in history and the need for an art form that would allow it to reach a more popular audience, suggest to Manzoni to compose a historical novel, which intertwines real events with imaginary but likely events. The author chooses for the setting the seventeenth century, a period of decline of Italy subject to the Spaniards and economically very impoverished.

Manzoni pretends to have found an anonymous manuscript that narrates a story expressed in an incorrect and heavy style; and to have decided to rewrite it. The fiction serves Manzoni to give a patina of historicity also to imaginary events; to express judgments in an objective way; to provide an example of the language he offers to Italy.

The poet composed a first draft entitled Fermo e Lucia, which later became The Promised Spouses, finally I Promessi Sposi. These differences are evident between the first two editions and the final one:

THEOLOGICAL: Don Rodrigo dies desperate, and is destined for Hell. Ultimately, the judgment on the lord's otherworldly fate is suspended, which therefore could also be saved.
LITERARY: The first editorial offices contained too vast digressions, and some episodes of too romantic taste (death of Don Rodrigo on a mad horse …). The definitive is based on a lucid balance of episodes and situations.
LINGUISTICS: The question of language. Manzoni observes that Italy, despite having a very elegant literary language, lacked a truly spoken language similar to French. To provide the nation with linguistic unity, he took "the Florentine of the educated people" as a model.


The novel of the Betrothed is one of the most widely read and studied in all Italian literature. You will have had to face a comment countless times without knowing where to start. But how do you comment on the novel of the Betrothed?

A well-structured comment requires several elements to analyze, from characters to personal criticism. So let's see together what are the tools needed to comment on the Betrothed. In addition you will find useful ideas to study and review all the summaries of the plot of the novel by Alessandro Manzoni.

  • First of all it is necessary to contextualize the work, that is the historical period in which it was written, with a short biographical note from the author.
  • We then move on to the summary of the novel, highlighting the salient data, the particular events of the plot.
  • Next we need to analyze the themes that characterize the Betrothed : love, faith, the constant struggle between good and evil, justice are some of the cornerstones characterizing the novel and must be underlined with a brief explanation. It is good not to neglect the setting and the time of the narration: the places where it takes place and the time in which the story takes place and how long it takes place.
  • We then move on to the analysis of the characters : we start with the two protagonists, and then continue with the other characters that appear in the story: we must make a physical and psychological description of everyone; it will be necessary to specify their role within the story, and in what relationships it is with the other characters.
  • Finally, it will be important to underline the author's message : despite the obstacles and the vicissitudes, Renzo and Lucia will marry thanks to the divine will. Divinity plays a fundamental role and is an important reading key: the two young people are destined to be together, Lucia's faith will save her from many dangers and in the end, even if everything seems to row against, the superior good will triumph.

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After a brief example commentary on the novel and an explanation of how to make a comment to the Betrothed (but also applies to other works), we provide you with the necessary material to get by on your own, whether you can find yourself developing a theme or reviewing the lesson .

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