NETFLIX: THE VIDEO GAMES OF THE TV SERIES ARE COMING. Those who have had the good fortune to own a Nintendo or a Sega Master System will remember the anxiety and anticipation with which they expected the transpositions of the most famous cinematographic films; and of course he will not forget the scorching disappointment of hurriedly developed games, ugly both from the aesthetic point of view and from that of pure playability. In short, for a child of the age of 8 bit the cinema and video games were two separate worlds that should never have crossed, apart from rare happy exceptions. On the other hand, there was no mention of the show, also because in that period they did not enjoy the same prestige as today. It is precisely the revival of the format of the TV series that has also overturned the production process of video games : today it is not so rare (but not so common, to be honest) that a video game is taken from a TV series, perhaps produced by same production house. Netflix has leveraged the phenomenon by proposing a video game inspired by the genre of auto-running, or those games in which the character continues to advance while on the screen appear enhancements, bonuses and enemies that must be dodged with the press of a button, that of the jump.

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NETFLIX TV SERIES: HOW TO USE VIDEO GAMES. At the address you can try your hand at the game that incorporates the 8-bit aesthetic, which has also recently become very fashionable, especially for viral videos and small short films. In the game you can choose to control one of the characters fished from the most successful Netflix series: Pablo Escobar of Narcos, Piper Chapman of Orange is the New Black, Mike Wheeler of Stranger Things and Marco Polo. Each faces a different stage with different enemies, reflecting the setting of their respective series: an escape from prison, escape from the Colombian police, a battlefield with Mongolian hordes and a forest infested with Demogorgons.


NETFLIX, THE VIDEO GAMES FROM THE TV SERIES: HOW TO PLAY . The video game is not so exciting, but it is a pleasant diversion while waiting for the new seasons of the Netflix series to load (even if Marco Polo seems to have been canceled). And in any case, after a first test game you end up losing at least a few quarters of an hour in an attempt to beat your own record, also driven by curiosity to see how the levels continue.
Nothing to do, however, with the accurate and wonderful point and click adventure (for now only in demo version) that a group of hardened nerds has dedicated to Stranger Things, among other things fully respecting the nostalgic atmosphere of the years' 80 which informs the whole series.


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