WHAT IS MUBI: THE NETFLIX FOR REAL CINEFILI. Since Netflix arrived, most of the social relationships have reduced to chat on Whatsapp to choose the home of the predestined person on duty where the group of friends will gather in order to binge on TV series episodes. Certainly a cure-all for all those who cannot stand discos, pubs and the like, but also a nice opportunity for those who have a healthier relationship with TV series and films . As we have said many times, the streaming platform offers a large catalog at a very competitive price, which can also be divided in the case of sharing accounts. Yet in the midst of the crowd that loudly cheers Netflix as the savior of the homeland there is a character who does not exult, but rather snorts impatiently: it is the cinephile, the real one, the one who records Pakistani films on Rai 3 at 4 night (he is in fact a lover of Out of Hours), who still frequents cinemas, especially if they give films in their original language, and who perhaps even buys specialized magazines. An endangered species, which Netflix does not know what to do with it, given that the number of auteur films and foreign works (i.e. not from the USA, France, Italy and Great Britain) is extremely limited. For him there is Mubi, a streaming platform dedicated to those who love the most refined, eccentric and sometimes experimental cinema.

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MUBI ITALIA: HOW IT WORKS. The operation is similar but not the same as that of Netflix: you pay a fixed monthly fee for a single viewing mode, there is no possibility to share accounts, and in return you can watch one or more films available among the 30 present every day. Only 30, will the most curious ask? Yes, but be careful: a new film is loaded every day, which replaces the older one, since each film from the moment of its uploading to Mubi has a 30-day deadline.

MUBI SOFTWARE: THE FILMS TO SEE. The strength of the operation is clearly the selection. There are really films from every corner of the globe, brand new as very old (silent works prior to the 1920s are not uncommon), all strictly original and subtitled. The game, however, is worth the candle only if you know English decently, since at least half of the subtitles are exclusively in the language of Shakesperare.
The satisfaction of seeing - legally and in good quality - a Jean-Luc Godard film, then a 10-minute experimental short and then a 5-hour Iraqi documentary is priceless, provided that this thought has not already made your eyes bleed.
Those who instead experience a certain increase in salivation should instead immediately activate the one-month trial period and find out what Mubi has to offer (which by the way has a different program depending on the country in which it is located, however contextually subtitles also vary). In short, the cinephile knows that he has a valid alternative to illegal streaming or to the monotony of the room, invaded by blockbusters and Italian comedies.

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