The Netflix catalog is updated day by day, so it is not always easy to understand when the TV series that we would like to see soon will come out or we risk losing always some output that we might like. Do you want to know which TV series are included in the Netflix Italia 2017 catalog not to be missed and above all their release dates ?
As good serial addicted TV we could only think of you who have the same passion; for this, below you will find the complete calendar of the TV series coming out in the coming months on Netflix. Ready not to miss a single one?

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serie tv netflix 2017 calendario


After the 2016 successes of Netflix, such as Stranger Things and The Crown (just to name two), the year has opened up with several TV series that you can already find on the Netflix Italia catalog, including A series of unfortunate events, Frontier, Lemony Snicket, You Me Her and Santa Clarita Diet . However, the best was certainly not exhausted in the first month and a half of 2017: there are many new arrivals, as well as the new seasons of serials that we have already begun to love. So here is the calendar with the most anticipated series of Netflix brand new:

  • Ultimate Beastmaster (February 24) - 1st season

If the producer is Sylvester Stallone we can only expect a lot of action and obviously sport (Rocky Balboa always in our hearts). The TV series is in fact centered on a group of athletes, the best in the world, who will compete to obtain the title of beastmaster within a race that takes place inside a huge mechanical beast.

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Greenleaf (March 3: 1st season - March 16: 2nd season)

Another great name behind the production of this serial: Oprah Winfrey, the famous American presenter and actress. Created from the same pen that gave birth to Six Feet Under, or Craig Wright, the TV series follows the adventures of the deeply religious and observant Greenleaf family, whose life will be upset by the return home, after 20 years, of Grace, in following the murder of his sister Faith.

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Iron First (March 17) - 1st season

Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones, Finn Jonnes, abandoned Westeros, is the protagonist of the next superhero TV series in the Marvel universe. Finn plays Danny Rand, a martial arts expert with the ability to summon the power of the Steel Fist. The cast also includes Claire Temple, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Thirteen (March 31) -1st season

A girl leaves a classmate a video explaining the 13 reasons that led her to commit suicide and the people who could be implicated in her death: new Pretty Little Liars or something other than a teen drama?

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Girlboss (April 21) - 1st season

It is the fictional story of Sophia Amoruso, an entrepreneur and ebayer who has become famous. She is played by Under The Dome's Brutt Robertson.

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Dear White People (April 28) - 1st season

It is a fun comedy that however tackles an important social issue: the plot revolves around a group of colored students who try to be accepted by society. Also arriving in April:

Chewing Gum (April 4): the second season of the subversive show written, directed and starring the talented Michaela Coe; and Louis CK Standup Special (April 4): the vitriolic humor of the American comedian creator of the TV series Louie returns to Netflix in a new show. To know the complete list of new arrivals: Netflix catalog April 2017: films and TV series

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario
  • Anne (May 12) - 1st season

Were you a fan of red-haired Anna? Then you can't miss this TV series: Anne is a young girl who is adopted by two elderly brothers, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, after living in an orphanage. Anne will change the lives of the two elders and also of the town in which they live.

serie tv netflix 2017 calendario

These are not the only TV series expected for 2017, but we also find the following whose release date has not yet been released. Pending updates, which we will provide you, here are the other Netflix TV series scheduled for 2017:

  • Suburra

Great expectations also for Suburra, the TV series on Italian crime, whose events revolve around a political scandal caused by the relationship between the Mafia, the Church and building contractors.

  • The Defenders

In addition to Iron First, The Defenders will also debut on Netflix in 2017, a sort of crossover with the stories of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron First and Daredevil.

  • El Chapo

Given the success of Narcos, Netflix tries to double the success with El Chapo, which tells the story of the Mexican drug lord of the same name who really existed.

  • Kiss Me First

Simona Brown plays a nerdy girl, obsessed with video games, who meets a girl who hides a dark secret.

  • Gipsy

She is a psychological thriller with Naomi Watts in the role of a therapist with problems related to some of her patients.

  • Marvel's The Punisher

The first series also arrives on The Punisher, a character born within the TV series Daredevil, which will now have its own story.

  • Ozark

What happens to a man, played by Jason Bateman, who has an outstanding account with a drug lord? It is the central theme addressed by this new TV series.

  • Midhunter

Some FBI agents decide to use some serial killers in prison to solve complicated cases they have to deal with.

  • Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later

It is the sequel to the film Wey Hot American Summer, this time set ten years after the Camp Firewood events.

  • Big Mouth

It's a sitcom focused on the teenage lives of Griffin creator Andrew Garfield and his best friend Nick Kroll.

NETFLIX CATALOG 2017, RENEWED TV SERIES: THE CALENDAR. Not only new TV series, but also the great Netflix hits that return with new (and hopefully sparkling) seasons. Here is the calendar of the renewed TV series scheduled for 2017:

  • Love - season 2 (March 10)
  • Grace and Frankie - season 3 (March 24)
  • Better Call Saul - season 3 (April 11)
  • House of Cards - season 5 (30 May)
  • Sense8 - season 2 (May 5)
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - season 3 (May 19)
  • Orange is the new black - season 5 (june 9)
  • Stranger Things - season 2 (31 October)

Here are the other TV series that will be aired in 2017, but we do not know the date yet (of course we will publish it as soon as Netflix will communicate it):
The get down - Part two of Season 1

  • Flaked - Season 2
  • Haters back off - Season 2
  • Marseille - season 2
  • Arrested development - season 5
  • Glitch - season 2
  • The last Kingdom - season 2
  • Master of None - season 2
  • Lady Dynamite - season 2
  • Narcos - season 3
  • From sunset to sunrise - season 3
  • Bojack Horseman - season 4


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