Wanderlust streaming: how to watch it

Wanderlust is the TV series arriving on Netflix which stars the talented Toni Collette . The episodes will arrive on the famous streaming platform on October 19, 2018. It is a six-episode drama by the award-winning Nick Paynee directed by Luke Snellin in which he talks about the relationships between the members of a multigenerational family. “I am honored and excited to be able to work with Nick Payne's wonderful words in Wanderlust. It's an authentic and revolutionary story about relationships, sex, love and everything we care about, "said Collette.

Wanderlust streaming: how to watch it

Wanderlust streaming: plot

Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh respectively play the role of Joy and Ala, a couple who live in an English town whose life is turned upside down by a bicycle accident that puts their sex life at risk. The two newlyweds must adapt to having sex with other people while staying together, but their relationship is jeopardized the same. Joy is a therapist and tries to keep the relationship alive with her husband, despite a large family, friends and clients ready to judge them.

  • Toni Collette: Joy Richards
  • Steven Mackintosh: Alan
  • Zawe Ashton: Claire
  • Royce Pierreson: Miss Hunter
  • Joe Hurst: Tom Richards

Wanderlust streaming: curiosity

“Having Toni as a protagonist has been our dream for years. She has it all: she is an intelligent actress capable of exploiting various emotional ranges. It has made Joy an iconic, deep and brilliant character, one of those protagonists of whom you want to discover everything and capable of keeping the viewer glued to the screen, "said the producers of the TV series.

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