Better Call Saul 5: all the info

When we follow a TV series, we don't just admire the story but we are passionate about the characters as if they were our acquaintances or even friends. In a sense, the protagonists of a TV series become part of our lives and we in their lives, those that are narrated and whose events we follow in detail. Today we are talking about a Better Call Saul TV series because we are all awaiting the release of the fifth season and we want to try to find some anticipations, some spoilers and some news . It is still a while before it is broadcast, but if some of you prefer to keep the surprise effect we are not offended if we say goodbye now. You other curious people like us, follow us.

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Better Call Saul 5: some anticipation

Before discovering any anticipation about the fifth season, we want to give you an overview of the TV series that we will talk about today. Probably many of you already know her, this is the spin-off of the Breaking Bad series, and is focused on the lawyer James "Jimmy" McGill / Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk. The series was produced and conceived in America and the first four seasons were released first in the United States and, immediately after a few days, in Italy on the Netflix streaming platform . We don't have time to stay here and tell you everything that happens in the first, second, third and fourth seasons, but we want to tell you that to find out what will happen in the fifth season you have to wait a little longer; there is no precise date but we know for sure that we will have to wait for 2020.

Better Call Saul 5: spoiler

The word spoiler should be associated with an icon depicting a ban on access, and in this case reading, to indicate, to those who want to keep the surprise effect, not to continue reading and stop here. The audience of TV series lovers is divided between those who want to keep the surprise effect at all costs and those who, on the other hand, cannot resist and wander online in desperate search for some spoilers. And we want to satisfy the latter category of TV series eaters, telling you that Saul will start dealing with drugs, knows Michael and Nacho and, having seen Breaking Bad, we know that he would have no problems working with the underworld. A recommendation, schhh, not everyone wants to know!

Better Call Saul 5: news

In the fourth season of the series, we witnessed events that literally upset Jimmy / Saul's life. Jimmy's brother Chuck is dead; Jimmy has endangered his position as a loyal and honest lawyer to most likely embark on the path of dishonesty and injustice and moreover his relationship with Kim is increasingly being questioned and in danger. So what should we expect from this season? The writers said that the end result is staggering; they seem to have said that work was already underway in season 6 and, according to Bob Odenkirk, he would also start shooting the Breaking Bad film, El Camino.