After deciding the group of friends, it is essential to keep an eye on the finances that will guide the choice of the post-high school destination. But is an economic high school trip really possible? Can you really have an incredible summer on a budget? The answer is yes!

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After consulting with the editorial staff, and having talked about our high school trips, we have compiled a list of 7 tips to live a real economic high school trip to give up the pleasure of discovering and having fun.

  • 1. Destination : the first thing to keep in mind for an economic high school trip is the choice of destination that will inevitably affect your expenses. In this case, it is better to opt for Europe, especially the Greek or Spanish islands, which allow more fun at a lower price.
  • 2. Where to sleep : to live an economic high school trip that does not make you give up the fun, it is essential to choose where to stay and book in advance, taking advantage of any discounts. Better apartments or B & Bs, compared to hotels or residences.
  • 3. Cash fund : another of the tips for a wonderful financial high school trip is to think, even before leaving, of a cash fund, in which all participants will pay the same fee. This budget will help you to make common expenses, without anyone giving up their fun.
  • 4. Keeping the accounts : another way to make an economic high school trip is to keep the accounts under control, that is, writing down all the outputs on a sheet. In this way it will be easier, especially if you have a rechargeable card, to have your availability clear.
  • 5. Drink first : although it may seem silly, many discos charge expensive cocktails inside. Because, to live an economic high school trip, do not opt ​​for a drink with friends before entering. Obviously, without exaggerating.
  • 6. Purchase presales : especially if you decide to go to places very active from the nightlife point of view, the advice is to buy in advance, obviously after booking the trip, the presales for events, taking advantage of any promotional rates .
  • 7. Be conscientious : finally, for a low-cost graduation trip, it is important to have your head on your shoulders and understand that you cannot do or want everything. It is therefore necessary to have the ability to know how to choose, without however renouncing fun and the desire to be with one's friends.


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