Study holidays: the 5 best Italian destinations

We all know that the summer season is the one to dedicate to relaxation and fun and that you would like to do everything except to study, but if there is a need to do it, why not take advantage of the study holidays ? You don't have to go abroad, you can also stay in Italy, even here we have magnificent places where you can combine business with pleasure, where you can have fun without, however, forgetting school obligations or any recovery of certain subjects that they neglected during the year and need to be taken up again. So if you need our advice on the destination to choose, here are the top 5 in Italy for summer 2019.


Study holidays in Italy: the 5 best destinations

If you don't want to give up your holidays because of studying and want to stay in Italy, stay with us and find out what are the 5 best destinations to go to this summer. If any of you have any material to recover, or want to combine business with pleasure by going on a holiday where you can also study, you can choose between these 5 Italian destinations that we are going to offer you:

  1. Tuscany : there are several villages organized to guarantee relaxation, fun and study activities for those who want to experience a study holiday;
  2. Puglia : the Apulian sea and good food are an excellent incentive for those who, despite being on vacation, must spend time studying;
  3. Rimini : lots of study, sea, relaxation and in the evening great jumps and dances in the disco, without forgetting that the next day you will have to continue studying;
  4. Valle d'Aosta : to stay away from the sea, but immersed in nature to relax and concentrate on your study, Valle d'Aosta is the ideal destination;
  5. Sardinia : finally, to return to the sea, how about a nice dip in Sardinia after spending hours studying English?

5 Italian destinations for study holidays: how to organize yourself

After taking a look at the destinations we have recommended and after evaluating the various offers of study, relaxation and fun, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. After choosing your destination you have to start organizing yourself looking for a flight, preferably low cost; secondly you will have to find accommodation if you do not purchase a complete package that includes it together with the flight. Your choices must have a goal: to allow you to spend days between relaxation, study and fun, which are not excessively expensive and which meet all your needs.

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