Choose the university: the faculty of economics

Faculty of Economics, find out if this course of study is for you: the exams to be taken, the professional outlets and many useful info.

University: how to choose the right one

After high school, for many children there is an important choice to make, that of the university. Here's how to move towards the right one!

Discovery of America: short summary

Brief summary of the discovery of America: detailed summary of how the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus came about.

Planets of the Solar System: names, order, images

What are the names of the planets of the Solar System, what is the order of distance from the Sun, what are the main characteristics.

Campsites in Tuscany: destinations and costs

Camping holidays are a very wild way to spend your summer, if you choose Tuscany you will have a wide choice.

7 Cheap seaside campsites in Sardinia

If you love camping, contact with nature and Sardinia, choose the cheapest camping among these 7 chosen for you.

What to do, where to eat and what to try in Barcelona

What to see in Barcelona, ​​places of interest to visit and places to find and try typical Catalan dishes! Here is our super guide!

Alhambra in Granada: timetables and tickets

Alhambra in Granada: discover all there is to know about the Alhambra, what are the opening hours and how much tickets cost.

Eugenio in Via di Gioia in Sanremo Giovani: song

Eugenio in Via di Gioia in Sanremo Giovani 2019: song, biography, curiosity of the Turin band that is still in the semifinal.

10 jobs that make you travel the world (and how to find them)

Working abroad: find out what are the jobs and experiences abroad that you can do as soon as you leave school or university to travel the world.

Working abroad: most sought after professions

How to find work abroad: the list of the most sought after professions outside Italy in order to start a working career.

Books to read for girls: tips for the summer

Books to read for girls: the tips for the summer. Here are the best books to read during the holidays.

How to find work abroad

Finding work abroad: guide on how to find a job abroad if you intend to move from your country for the profession of your dreams.

Why was Kennedy killed?

Why was President Kennedy killed? Behind the killing of the President of the United States there is still a great mystery, let's try to clarify.

Student trips: destinations in Europe

Student trips to Europe. Not sure where to go on vacation with friends? Here are the best destinations in Europe that we recommend!

Ireland on the road

Easter holidays ... Easter Monday on the lawns ... yes, but the Irish ones! Luca C. talks about his adventure in the land of goblins and beer!

Student trips: destinations in Italy

Travel destinations for students: places to visit in Italy with friends and classmates!

Studying in London: how to find your way in England

Tips for those who want to study in London: how to learn English, how to find your way in England, costs to live in the city.

Maturity Trip: the best destinations for graduates

The best places to take refuge after the high school tests, to rest and celebrate the diploma; destinations and tips for all budgets.

Air tickets: are they refundable?

Air tickets: when are air tickets refundable? Find out when and how you can request a refund for tickets in case of no departure.

Maturity Trip 2018: best destinations abroad

The best destinations abroad for an unforgettable high school trip: here is where to go for a holiday dedicated to fun or relaxation.

How to enroll at the university abroad: Europe

Enrolling in universities in Europe: the tips, the most prestigious universities and the information you need if you want to enroll abroad.

Maturity Trip 2018: relaxing destinations

Where to go on a trip to celebrate the High School Diploma? Many ideas for a journey of total relaxation, without stress and sleepless hours, between nature and rest.

Spain: 5 economic destinations

Holidays in Spain: the 5 low cost destinations if you want to go on holiday to the Iberian Peninsula, here are our tips on what to visit.

Cultural exchanges: how to spend a school year abroad

Spending a school year abroad is a unique and educational experience for a student. Have you ever thought about participating in a cultural exchange?

Travel for free: here's how

Traveling for free: tricks and methods to be able to make a free holiday saving on everything from travel to overnight.

Student travel: the sites to save

Student travel: here are the sites to visit to go on vacation with friends on a budget!

Student travel: the safest if you travel alone

Student holidays: the safest destinations for those who want to travel alone. Here are the best!

Traveling alone: ​​goals and organization

Traveling alone: ​​if you intend to leave alone, here are the destinations to choose from and how to organize the holiday in detail.

Last second travel: find the right flight

Last second travel: the tips to find the right flight and immediately seize the best deals and offers among those that are proposed.

Organized trips for young people: prices and destinations

Organized trips for young people: tips on prices, destinations and how to find your way around if you plan to go on an organized trip.

How to recognize a fake job offer

Misleading jobs: how to recognize them. The tricks to understand fake ads in the world of work

I work for high school students: 5 chores to do

You work for kids: do you want to afford something more but still go to school? Here are 5 ideas for finding a job for high school students.

I work for university students: 8 ideas for a part time

College Student Jobs: 8 part-time jobs suitable for college students. Find out how to earn something at the university

Work for home university students: 5 ideas

Work for home university students: 5 part-time jobs at home. Here's how to work and study for exams.

Best 10 Japanese restaurants in Italy

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy increasingly loved by Italians: here are the ten best oriental restaurants to choose from.

9 things to do in Verona: what to see and events

What to do in Verona: 9 things to see in the city of Romeo and Juliet and the scheduled events to attend soon.

TV series to watch: the best

Recommended TV series: the most beautiful in recent years to be seen absolutely divided by genre; the guide to the best TV series!

Gray ' s Anatomy 15: episode plot 23

Gray ' s Anatomy 15: episode 23 plot of the famous medical drama which will air on premiere in Italy on Monday 3 June 2019.

Medical TV series: the 7 best ever

Medical TV series: impossible cases, troubled love stories and sometimes too cynical doctors. These and others are the ingredients of the Medical TV series that excite millions of viewers ... E

Leonardo DiCaprio: an Oscar because ... all the roles

Leonardo DiCaprio: many nominations and no Oscars. All the roles he should have won the statuette for

How Inception ends: plot and explanation of the ending

Inception, how it ends: the plot of the film and the ending, together with some explanations on certain unclear points.

Famous phrases from Titanic: 11 to be recycled

Phrases from the Titanic movie: the most famous phrases taken from the Titanic movie, from you trust me to Jack I'm flying and you jump, I jump.

Shutter Island final: how it ends and explanation

Shutter Island, plot and ending: here is the detailed plot of the film Shutter Island along with the explanation of the ending.

Horror movies to watch: the best ever

Horror films to see absolutely, a thrilling ranking with the best films of yesterday and today for lovers of horror stories.

Leonardo Di Caprio: Oscars won and nominations

Leonardo di Caprio: all the Oscars won by the actor and all the nominations, discover all there is to know about Leonardo di Caprio.

Mulan: all there is to know about the remake coming to theaters

Director Niki Caro said that no songs are planned for the moment: the film will hit theaters in 2018

Little Mermaid: songs, characters and fairy tale

The little mermaid, Disney cartoon: find out all about one of Disney's most loved classics, the most beautiful songs and the list of characters.

Frozen 2: plot, trailer and previews

Frozen 2: plot and anticipations Great anticipation for the Frozen sequel, which will be released in cinemas around the world, including Italy, on

American Horror Story Hotel: 5 unmissable curiosities

American Horror Story season 5: between Lady Gaga and Jessica Lange, the 5 things to know about American Horror Story Hotel

A must-see TV series like American Horror Story

American Horror Story TV series: the list of titles to see if you have reached the end of the last season

TV series for girls: the best in our opinion

TV series for girls: discover StudentVille's selection of must-have TV shows for girls; ranking and description of the best TV series.

How to find a nice TV series to watch

How to find a beautiful and worth watching TV series? Here is the guide to help you in the task of choosing a valid TV series.

Don't be afraid of Tommaso Paradiso: text and meaning

Do not be afraid of Tommaso Paradiso: text and meaning of the new single of the now ex-leader of Thegiornalisti after the farewell to the band.

How Breaking Bad ends: last episode

How does Breaking Bad end? Here is the ending of the popular TV series of if you missed it! For you, the plot of the last episode of the TV series finale.

Amazon Prime Video: what it is and cost in Italy

Amazon Prime Video coming to Italy. Find out what the brand new Amazon Prime movie and TV catalog is and how much it costs.

What would Disney characters look like in real life? (PHOTO)

Have you ever wondered what Crudelia De Mon or Anna of Frozen would look like in reality? Here are all the photos that show you ...

Friends deleted from Netflix? Protests and news

Friends deleted from Netflix? Protests and news for the decisions made by the famous streaming platform on the TV series.

Iron Fist deleted from Netflix: why?

Iron Fist deleted from Netflix: why the third season of the Marvel character will no longer be on the streaming platform?

Jessica Jones and The Punisher deleted from Netflix: why?

Jessica Jones and The Punisher deleted from Netflix: why? Here is revealed the reason by Netflix regarding the farewell from the streaming platform.

Sabrina, witch life: tv series, cast, streaming

Sabrina, life as a witch: TV series, cast, streaming of the episodes aired in the nineties as an absolute cult.

Big Little Lies 2 streaming, where to see it

Big Little Lies 2 in streaming, where you can watch the episodes of the second season of the famous TV series that drove everyone crazy; find out how.

Big Little Lies: the tv series that is driving everyone crazy

Big Little Lies TV series: discover all there is to know about the TV series based on the book of the same name, the plot, the cast and where to watch it.

The Stranger Things video game is free and beautiful!

The Stranger Things video game is available in Italian and is a must try! In addition, it is also free: what more do you want?

Stranger Things: the news on the third season

Executive producer Shawn Levy has revealed succulent rumors about the third season of "Stranger Things".

Three meters above the sky, Netflix series: release, plot

Three meters above the sky, Netflix series: release, plot, characters from the readaptation of the novel by Federico Moccia for the streaming platform.

The Handmaid ' s Tale Streaming: where to see it

The Handmaid ' s Tale: here's where to watch it streaming, the series of the year that triumphed at the Emmy Awards finally arrives in Italy.

Stranger Things: the 5 funniest moments of the cast

Stranger Things: the funniest videos with the protagonists of this TV series whose second season we are waiting for. Here are the nicest moments of the cast.

TV series like Stranger Things

TV series to be seen as Stranger Things: the best. If you liked Stranger Things then you can't miss these TV series! Here are the best ones like Stranger Things.

How Beverly Hills ends: the last episode

Here is the Beverly Hills finale, what happens in the last historical episode; let's do a summary before the revival of the famous TV series.

How Pretty Little Liars ends: ending and mysteries

How Pretty Little Liars ends: the finale of the TV series and the solution to the mystery.

Narcos: 5 curiosities you didn't know about the series

Discover 5 curiosities about the cast, the plot and the characters of Narcos, the successful series that tells the story of the Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

7 destinations for those who love Narcos

Narcos: if you are a fan of the TV series Narcos then you absolutely must leave for these unmissable places, from Rionegro to Bogota.

Suburra (TV series): plot and cast

Suburra la Serie: here is the caste and the plot of the 10 adrenaline-pumping and heart-pounding episodes to enter the world of criminal Rome.

Cartoons from the 80s and 90s: the traumas from which we have not recovered

The most traumatizing moments of the cartoons of the '90s and' 80s: here are the scenes and plots that have marked more than one generation.

80's 90's cartoons: the shots we wish we could really do

Cartoons of the 80's 90: the best shots of all the episodes. How many times have you imitated your pets? Let's refresh our memory!

80's cartoons: the ones you forgot

80s cartoons: some of the most beautiful Japanese cartoons are now forgotten, discover the titles to relive the emotions of these little masterpieces.

Daredevil: plot, seasons and news

Daredevil: all the news on the TV series. Here's what to know about the plot, the characters, the seasons and the news about it.

Fest - The Tv Series Festival: dates, tickets, program

Fest - The Tv Series Festival: dates, tickets, program of the first Italian festival dedicated to seriality and the world of streaming.

Narcos 3: trailers and previews

Narcos 3: what to know about the third season of Narcos, available now on Netflix Italia, what will happen, advances and promos.

Superhero TV Series: 7 Must-See

TV series about superheroes to see absolutely: discover the 7 best TV series titles not to be missed for lovers of the genre, read the plots and details.

Luke Cage: 5 curiosities about series and comics

Luke Cage: 5 things you don't know about TV shows and comics. Here's what to know about the comic and the TV series available on Netflix!

TV series drawn from comics to see

TV series to see: the TV series taken from the comics that you must not miss if you love superheroes.

How the Vampire Diaries ends

How the Vampire Diaries ends: what happens in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries and curiosities about Damon, Stefan and Elena.

Vampire Diaries like Twilight, is Ian with Nina?

Rumors of an alleged relationship between the two stars of the vampire show that conquered Italy follow one another: Ian Somerhalder would have breached the heart of the splendid Nina Dobrev. Just like Pattinson and Stewart ...

Laughter and canines, the trailer for Vampires Suck

The official Twilight parody, written and directed by the duo Jason Friedberg / Aaron Seltze - 'fathers' of Disaster Movie, Hot Movie, 3ciento, Epic Movie, will be released in Italian cinemas on 10 September. Bella, Edward and Jake in an unedited version ...

Venice 75 closing ceremony: timetable, streaming, prizes

Venice 75, closing ceremony: timetable, streaming, prizes of the last evening of the Venice Film Festival on stage at the Lido.

The Vampire Diaries, Twilight on TV

Designed by the father of Dawson's Creek, the TV series that has bewitched American teenagers also arrives in Italy: loves and vampires protagonists, the comparison with the famous saga of Stephenie Meyer is inevitable ...

Venice Festival 2018: program, guests, jury

Venice Festival 2018: program, guests, jury of the 75th International Film Festival that will take place at the Lido.

The Vampire Diaries streaming, where to see all seasons

The Vampire Diaries Streaming, here's where to watch all the episodes about Elena Gilbert, a seventeen year old involved with two vampire brothers.

Pablo Escobar: death, biography and heritage

All the salient details about the life, death and economic empire of Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug dealer.

Batman VS Superman: what to know before you see the movie

Batman VS Superman: before the release let's do some clarity on plot, comics, prequels and sequels

Venice Festival 2018: dates, tickets, how to get there

Venice Festival 2018: dates, tickets, how to get to the Lagoon from 29 August to 8 September for the seventy-fifth edition.

Justice League (2017): trailer and plot

Justice League: discover on Studentville the trailer and the plot of the film about the main DC Comics superheroes to be released on November 16, 2017.

TV series based on films: the best

TV series based on the films: the best TV series born from the transposition of some successful cinematographic films, from Bates Hotel to Dal Tramonto at Alba.

Science fiction TV series: 5 unmissable titles

Science fiction TV series to see absolutely: here is a ranking of the best 5 sci-fi TV series, a must for fans of this genre.

Doctor Who: why is the new doctor a woman?

Doctor Who: the new Lord of Time will be played by a woman, Jodie Whittaker, here are the latest news and the reason for the choice.

TV series like Suits

TV series like Suits: if you love Suits you can't miss these TV series to see. Here are the best Suits-like legal drama.

Hannah Baker: true story, death and actress

The story of Hannah Baker, the protagonist of the novel Thirteen by Jay Asher and then of the television series 13 Reasons Why, is actually based on a true story.

Now Tv and Netflix: advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Now TV and Netflix? Let's analyze the pros and cons of the two streaming platforms together.