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Invalid tests are tests that aim to evaluate students' skills, knowledge and levels in two fundamental disciplines: Italian language and mathematics. Since 2007 they have also become in all respects one of the tests of the Third Media Exams. Invalid tests are arranged by the National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education System (INVALSI), which realizes the contents and establishes the days of the tests. The test is therefore unique at national level.


TESTS INVALSI THIRD MIDDLE EXAM 2016 - The tests taken are administered to students of the second and fifth grade, second higher and during the Third Middle Exams. The maximum time to carry out the tests is 2 hours and 30 minutes, with a break of 15 minutes. The calculator or dictionary cannot be used during the test.

The questions presented are both open-ended and multiple-choice, different for the mathematics and Italian part.

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INVALSI TEST THIRD MEDIA ITALIAN TEST 2016 - The Italian inval test tests the student's skills with comprehension of passages and grammar questions. It is divided into two parts:

• the first part contains two passages to be analyzed with multiple choice questions and open answer. The questions are addressed not only to the meaning of the passage, but also to the meaning of words or expressions.

• the second part contains grammar questions, which evaluate the knowledge of grammatical rules: spelling, morphology, syntax, lexicon. Also in this section there are multiple choice questions and open answer questions.

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Invalsi Italian third grade: how to perform the test - To correctly answer the questions of the Italian inval test, you have to train with the analysis of passages, and study the grammatical rules. Furthermore, it is useful to practice with the tests used in previous years, so as to become faster in responding. Then, during the test, it is good to do this:

  • reading the questions: it is good to give a general reading to all the questions, so as to identify already those to which we know how to answer, and therefore not waste time.
  • Answering the questions: after reading everything, we can first answer the questions we already know how to answer, and then proceed with the others.
  • understanding of the passages: let's read the passage well, then, let's try to read the questions, and see if we can answer someone immediately. We reread the passage to find the answers, and if we are not sure, we go ahead and return later on the question.
  • grammar questions: there are ten grammar questions, both multiple choice and open answer. To answer grammar multiple choice questions well, you need to know the grammar rules. If something escapes us, however, sometimes we can go for exclusion.

INVALSI TEST THIRD AVERAGE MATHEMATICAL TEST 2016 - The mathematical inval test is divided into two parts: part A and part B, with multiple choice and open answer questions. Some questions not only require the result, but also the procedure with its explanation. The topics are those addressed during the school years: algebra, geometry, functions, but also data and forecasts.

Invalid third grade mathematics: how to carry out the test. To best face the mathematical test, you must first study the subject well, and above all do many exercises. As for the Italian test, also for the math test it would be useful to train with the tests used in the past years.

During the task, we do this:

  • we read the questions: we carefully read all the questions, so as to identify those that we can do immediately and those that require more time.
  • let's answer the simpler questions first, so we will have more time to devote to the others.
  • to answer well the multiple choice questions, we read the question well, and try to exclude the answers that we think are totally wrong. Then, among those that remain, we think about what the correct answer may be.
  • as for open-ended questions, let's take more time to answer, and if we have to do calculations, let's quickly do them on a sheet, check again and then recopy everything. Then, we quickly review calculations and responses, to correct any errors before delivering.

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TESTS TAKEN THIRD MIDDLE: THE RATING - Tests taken third grade are evaluated as the other tests of the Third Average Exams, therefore it is necessary to prepare better. So, as for the other tests, it is good to:

  • review Italian and math well and do many exercises
  • train with the tests used in previous years
  • read the questions carefully
  • answer first the questions you can answer, then the others
  • review everything

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