HOW TO WIN THE LAZY. How many times have you ever had to perform a task, perhaps even of the utmost urgency, and to have been reduced to the last minute because you continued to procrastinate driven by laziness ? Unfortunately we imagine that the answer is "more than we would like to admit", but there is no need to feel sorry for yourself: being victims of sloth is more common than you might think. Being without strength, lacking motivation or simply not having the right concentration are all symptoms of a certain malaise that can unnecessarily complicate your professional or student life.

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HOW TO DEFEAT LAZY: 5 WAYS TO BECOME LESS LAZY. But there are a number of methodical precautions that can be taken to overcome laziness . Let's see 5 of the most effective.

  • 1 - Simplify as much as possible: often something is not started because the task seems too complex. In part, the feeling may be right, but to get around it, just reflect for a moment, analyze the problem and break it down into the basic gestures from which it is made (as long as they are not too many, however). Starting with these small and easy tasks will help you get your first major momentum.
  • 2 - Making a list: variant of the previous method, it can be very useful when you know you have an assignment but you do not have a precise knowledge of what you need to do. Stacking the various tasks one under the other will clear your mind, because you will be able to evaluate what are the things to be completed as soon as possible, the superfluous or postponed if time is missing, and those that are subordinate to others. With an action plan, sloth will have no reason to exist.
  • 3 - Looking to the finish line: we often let ourselves be overwhelmed by the amount of work, focusing on the effort, commitment and boredom that awaits us. However, it is enough to reverse the perspective, focusing instead on a series of positive elements. On the one hand there is the satisfaction for what you will accomplish, on the other there are the benefits that it could bring you, and finally, if the task is really thankless, also everything you can dedicate to yourself once you are there get rid of the task.
  • 4 - Making scorched earth around you: psychological tricks are fine, but sometimes you really have to force your hand. Like? Easy, eliminating all potential distractions and surrounding yourself with just what you need to do your job. Close the Facebook page, put your smartphone in airplane mode, hide that book from your vision, make the bed: if the tools in front of you show you one and only one way, you will only have to follow it.
  • 5 - It doesn't matter where, but start: there is a very famous phrase attributed to the poet Goethe that reads: “Whatever you dream of undertaking, start it. Boldness has genius, power, magic. "Now we don't want to compare ourselves to such a giant, but in our own small way we can assure you that once the operation that you have to start is started, everything will follow quite automatically, stimulating also your desire to do.

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