Youth Education Theme: example

Education is one of the most discussed topics among school desks and beyond. Theme addressed by psychologists, educators, pedagogues and many other specialists. Theme that however is never static and evolving, with the transformation of society also this changes, in an absolutely surprising way. You don't have to be a graduate to understand and realize the fact that current education is no longer the strict and rigid one of the past, we live it and feel it every day, every day! Youth education is also a topic assigned many times in school, especially in classwork. If you have no idea how to develop the topic, don't worry, after reading our article you will have much clearer ideas and you will certainly take a cue to compose and formulate a well-made theme!

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Youth Education Theme: introduction

Education is one of the most tackled topics both among the school desks and in the most prestigious classrooms of the most illustrious luminaries of knowledge and education. In fact, for years now there has been talk of how the world of education, imparted mainly by the family, has changed in a completely compelling way, with different ways, completely to teach good manners, respect and value. The rigid, severe education of punishments, "limits and prohibitions" is slowly disappearing more and more, replacing this method with a more flexible one. On this we say it is "open war" because we do not really understand what is the most appropriate way to a more adequate growth for the current world that changes daily and therefore daily exposes us to more and more dangers.

Education theme: development

Great educators and pedagogists such as Montessori and Frobel, great illustrators on this vast subject have dealt with Montessori in Italy in different countries, operating in more than 20, 000 schools and Frobel in Germany, education, philosophy and science, basing their entire personal and working life on the education that must be imparted from birth until, more or less, to adulthood. Their school of thought was already very different from all the culture and traditions of their times, of imposition, duties and prohibitions. One very important thing, which they fought for a long time and made a lot of propaganda about was, and it could be said, the game. To let children know the "right things" the positive side of things, generosity, availability, tolerance and patience to children, from the first days of life, through play. In fact, this is where we speak of an "educational game" in a completely playful way! Education is not an absolutely static, firm and imposed topic, education is a topic that changes and keeps pace with the times, which thanks to technology, inventions, discoveries changes so quickly, not even to realize it. Education is also a lifestyle, a tradition, something that is handed down from family to family, from age to age. Susceptible and conditioned by culture, or against culture of a given society, in which values, thoughts and traditions revolve and turn which will never be completely lost. As far as our culture is concerned, therefore as we live in Italy, with the determining and compelling influence on the part of the Catholic Church, education also has various aspects and also schools of thought. In Italy, land of love, land of sun and romanticism, we can never imagine being educated in Polyandria, where more women can marry more men at the same time, or the opposite, where men, as in the Arab world, can get to to have and to live with seven women. Although there are undoubtedly these cases, the cause of immigration and emigration, continuous and assiduous, present in our culture, thus forming a multi-ethnic society, in which many traditions, values, religions and thoughts merge together creating a society of the whole innovative and "colorful". Also other, if not the most important, point that brings families the "duty and obligation" to make their child, the unborn child, know the importance of the "different" from the first steps, always if this exists, so as not to discriminate it, much less estrange it, but also considering it a value, a value that must be protected every day, which brings to us, a society that was recently closed, an invaluable wealth! The different can help, opens the mind, does not make us remain firm on our positions, but can only enrich our personal culture, our values ​​and our thoughts, thus creating a new society made up of good, tolerant and extremely "equal" people, can only bring benefits, the different that slowly approaches us can create and help a peaceful life and a future in which there is no discrimination, prejudice and contestation, which are, surely the highest demonstration of ignorance!

Education theme: conclusion

We are well aware that the topic of education does not stop only at the decisive influence of emigration, but that it has many other forms of influence. Another fundamental and not to be underestimated is the continuous demand by young people for new technologies, for new appliances that make life easier and more "accommodating". Every day they present us with telephones, smartphones, tablets, iPads and computers that allow us to stay more still, not to move from our homes and to do everything with a simple click. In fact, as many advertisements offer us, everything is done "just a click away in no time". All this influences and conditions the education and values ​​that parents, increasingly committed, especially career mothers try to compensate for their absence by giving their children and exhausting all their desires and needs, which in the end "needs". I'm not!

As we have been able to read and observe the theme of education is very vast, perhaps even too much, the important thing is the family after which the school plays an extremely fundamental role which tends to "miseducate by educating" all those vices, all those behaviors that derive from the family!

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