Another milestone has been reached for the candidates for the architecture test : starting today, September 29th, it is possible to view your task with the individual result, together with the personal data sheet.
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Architecture Test 2016: scores and results of 29 September

The anonymous results of the Architecture entry test, however, were published a few days ago, precisely on September 22nd. As required by the Miur call, the ranking with anonymous scores, in order to protect the privacy of the candidates, was in fact put online by the end of the day of 22 September.
Here is the link:
Instead, you will have to wait a few more days to find out your position in the ranking, which will be published on October 4th.
Finally, let's see together some other useful information on the anonymous ranking.

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Risultati Test architettura 2016: graduatoria anonima


The results of the 2016 architecture test will be announced tomorrow 22 September. The Ministry of Education has not established a specific time when it will publish the national ranking with anonymous scores, but according to what has happened for medicine, the results should be published in the early afternoon, around 15:00. To consult it, you must connect to the Miur portal
The list will be sorted by label code and not by score, and the various scores will be divided by university. No names will therefore be included in the ranking: this means that only if you remember the label code assigned to the test by heart will you be able to identify your score.
Why publish the anonymous ranking? In addition to respecting transparency criteria, i.e. making the ranking public to everyone, its publication will allow you to understand what is the minimum score for entering each university.

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Your personal score will be communicated to you on September 29th on your Universitaly personal page with the photos of the task you have supported attached. If you have not obtained the minimum score to enter the ranking list, you must put your heart in peace and evaluate the possibility of enrolling in an alternative faculty or of appealing if you have witnessed irregularities during the entrance test.
If, on the other hand, you have obtained more than 20 points, then you will have to wait until October 4 to find out your fate: on this date the MIUR will in fact publish the national ranking for architecture, which can always be consulted in your private area of ‚Äč‚ÄčUniversitaly. If you have not obtained a seat available, you just have to wait for the slides, the first of which will be made on 11 October.


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