Lawyer: monthly salary

The profession of lawyer is very fascinating, but have you ever wondered how much you earn? There are many young people who enroll in law school with the hope, one day, of becoming successful and successful lawyers. In order to become a lawyer, it is necessary to take a 5-year degree in law, do a year of internship in a law firm, take a qualifying examination and enroll in the register of lawyers. Those who undertake this path do it driven by a passion for legal matters, others do it also with the hope that their work will lead to high wages . Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially in Italy; today, in fact, we discover together how much a lawyer earns per month in Italy and how much, instead, in England and America. Things don't always go as we imagine and as we see them in American films and TV shows, let's face reality.

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How much a lawyer earns per month in Italy

Those who decide to undertake the course of studies that will lead him to become a lawyer, are driven by several factors: first of all the passion for legal matters, the fascination for a career as a lawyer and also because he has the hope of having a very profitable job . Those who graduate in law, after taking the qualification and obtaining enrollment in the register, can decide whether to pursue the career of criminal, civil or administrative lawyer. The question often asked is whether lawyers take a very high salary, and the answer is ni; in the sense that established lawyers, those with many years of career and fame behind them, can be considered wealthy; junior lawyers, novice ones, have an income that is around 500 euros per month, while lawyers who work at a firm can earn between 1200 and 1500 euros per month and, if possible, with some percentage for each case followed and won. But let's look at the situation of lawyers in England and America.

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How much a lawyer earns in England and America

The situation of lawyers in England and America is very different from what there is in Italy; in Italy the lawyers are really many, perhaps too many, there is a strong competition and often the lawyers are forced to sell off their work in order to bring home a case. Starting from England we can give you exact numbers, there are 188, 263 lawyers there, which means that they have more chances to work, and even better; and it is for this reason that many young aspiring Italian lawyers greet Italy to go to England to seek some luck. British lawyers earn around £ 50, 000 which equates to 60, 000 euros. In America, lawyers' earnings are even higher, they can earn about $ 93 million a year; a figure that an Italian lawyer could earn in 3 years, with a little luck.

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