Some universities where the faculties of engineering, pharmacy, science and economics are limited numbers use the Cisia test as an entry test, a paper test organized by the Interuniversity Consortium for Integrated Access Systems. At the moment there are 38 member universities, while in other universities these faculties are open-numbered or the test is structured by the university itself. If you intend to enroll in engineering, pharmacy or economics and the university of your choice provides for the Cisia test for 2019 then read on! Good luck!

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The Cisia test is therefore a paper test that serves to select the best students who will be able to enroll in the faculties that we have listed. Not only that: some universities also use these tests for free access faculties, to understand well if students are able to undertake a certain course of study or to understand the level of preparation of each freshman. As for the limited number degree courses, although these take place on the same day and at the same time, however, it is necessary to check the notices of each single university: the applications for enrollment in the test and the deadlines are in fact managed by each university.


The Cisia test questions will have different subjects according to the chosen faculty:

  • Engineering entrance test 2019

    The Cisia test for admission to engineering involves 80 questions to be solved in 150 minutes. They will be structured as follows:
    - 15 logic questions
    - 15 verbal comprehension questions
    - 20 questions of Mathematics 1
    - 20 questions of physical and chemical sciences
    - 10 questions of Mathematics 2

  • Pharmacy entrance test 2019

    The Cisia test included in the entrance test to the pharmacy course includes 80 questions to be solved in 100 minutes. The questions will be organized as follows:
    - 25 biology questions, to be completed in 30 minutes
    - 25 chemistry questions, to be completed in 30 minutes
    - 10 physics questions, to be completed in 15 minutes
    - 10 math questions, to be completed in 15 minutes
    - 10 logic questions, to be completed in ten minutes

  • Economy entrance test 2019

    The Cisia test for access to the closed economics issue includes 36 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. Here is the structure:
    - 13 logic questions (30 minutes)
    - 10 comprehension questions (30 minutes)
    - 13 math questions (30 minutes)

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