13 Reasons Why: new season on Netflix

The highly anticipated second season of the TV series "13 Reasons Why", Netflix exclusive, taken from the bestseller 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, the first series in fact, aired for the first time on March 31, 2017, has become a real cult, thanks to word of mouth among young Americans, (the series is produced in the United States), and then among young people all over the world. The second season will return on May 18, 2018 . There is talk of young people, because the subject matter deals closely with a young high school student, Hannah Baker, who takes her own life and bequeaths her classmate Clay Jensen, a box containing recorded tapes in which she explains the 13 reasons that led her to commit suicide. Each tape is dedicated to one person, who according to Hannah contributed to her decision to commit suicide. Each of them must, once they have finished listening, send the package to the next recipient. Thus begins a human chain, where particular and puzzling anecdotes will emerge, including the sexual abuse of Hannah by Bryce Walker and the response of Hannah's psychologist, Porter, who invites her to "turn the page" after learning of the rape and his will to commit suicide. Two days after Hannah's suicide, Clay meets an old friend of hers, Skye Miller and recognizing in her the same attitudes that Hannah had before committing suicide, she decides to help her. Now let's find out more about the cast …

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13 Reasons Why: complete cast of actors and characters

A series with a profound meaning, which invites reflection, especially the generations of teenagers who live in contact with these issues every day, for news and phenomena such as bullying, the cause of inconvenience and extreme gestures. Produced by Selena Gomez and Tom McCarthy, the series boasts a large and choral cast. Let's see below what are the main characters and the actors that represent them:

• Dylan Minnette - Clay
• Katherine Langford - Hannah
• Brandon Flynn - Justin
• Christian Navarro - Tony
• Alisha Boe - Jessica
• Michelle Selene Ang - Courtney
• Justin Prentice - Bryce
• Devin Druid - Tyler
• Miles Heizer - Alex
• Ross Butler - Zach
• Kate Walsh - Mrs. Baker
• Derek Luke - Mr. Porter
• Brian D'Arcy James - Andy Baker
• Amy Hargreaves - Mrs. Jensen

In short, do not miss the second season of "13 Reasons Why", of which we do not know much yet, but which will certainly still focus on Hannah, and since around 13 other characters revolve around her, probably the second series will provide the point of view of one of them, or maybe Hannah will come back for revenge. If you are also curious and you are no longer in the skin, do not miss the second season of Thirteen, exclusively of course, on Netflix .

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