Netflix catalog May 2018: all the news

The Netflix platform is the best gift they could give us, since 2016, in fact, our gloomy evenings and afternoons make sense again. We have TV series, films and documentaries to watch legally in streaming and we can choose the genre and style we prefer. We are here to give you all the news regarding the month of May in advance, we will tell you which TV series, films and documentaries you will have available for your free time. May is a hot month but not too much to start spending your days on the beach, trust Netflix . Let's not waste any more time, let's find out what's new for the month of May. You are ready?

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Netflix catalog May 2018: tv series coming soon

Let's start with the TV series, let's see what this month has in store for us, which we hope will also bring many sunny and warm days. Despite the beautiful hot and sunny days, we will certainly have free time to devote to our favorite sport, move your eyes to watch everything Netflix offers us whether it is a TV series, a film or a documentary . Here are the series coming in May:

  • The Rain : A Scandinavian dystopian TV series that will keep you in suspense thanks to a script that develops around a crucial point: a lethal virus spreads (probably) through the rain. As in the best survival horror films, there will be contrasts between healthy and infected people, among which two brothers will emerge ready to embark on a journey to get safe (in the hope that everything will be processed in the most stimulating way possible for all Netflix users). It will be available from May 4th.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 4: the show featuring Ellie Kemper is in its fourth season. It was 2015 when the American actress brought the main character of the TV series to the screen for the first time, capable of giving an infinite number of laughs through her irresistible way of doing, combined with the overwhelming irony of her friends, Titus and Lilian. It will be available from May 14th.

Netflix May 2018: the films to be released

A few films could not be missing to brighten our May evenings; and I'm:

  • Cargo - film starring one of the most loved actors in recent years: Martin Freeman. Written and directed by Yolanda Ramke, the work takes us back to a context in which a pandemic is ready to strike anyone. Among the infected there is also a family man, ready to do anything to protect his daughter. Available from 14 May 2018.
  • End Game - Documentary, born from the work of Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the work will show us the work of a group of visionary doctors, ready to move along the border between life and death. An exciting journey, through which all our beliefs could waver in the face of what will be narrated. Available from May 4th.

(Photo: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, courtesy of Netflix)