Netflix catalog: films and TV series coming in April 2018

Netflix is ​​now the on demand platform most loved by fans of movies and TV series . Since the beginning of the year, the channel continues to churn out products of all kinds that keep millions of viewers glued to the screen, from the little ones at home to the older ones. Ready to find out all that awaits you in April ?

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Netflix catalog April 2018: TV series

Also for the next month Netflix will offer a rich programming of TV series . Here are the news not to be missed:

  • “Chef's Table: Pastry”, 1 season, available from Friday 13 April : cooking enthusiasts will love this show which will reveal what happens inside the laboratories of the most famous international pastry chefs in the world; each episode will point to the experience of a single chef, including the famous pastry chef Christina Tosi of the Milk Bar;

  • "Lost in Space", 1 season, available from Friday 13 April : this product is actually the reboot of a science fiction series from the 1960s; the protagonist of the story is the Robinson family that is launched into space to colonize the only other habitable planet in the galaxy.

Netflix catalog April 2018: films

The films included in Netflix programming are always highly anticipated by users. Here are the releases for the next month:

  • "Ram Dass, going home", available from Friday 6 April : it is a documentary about the life of Richard Alpert, better known as Ram Dass, an American psychologist passionate about spiritual practices;
  • "Come Sunday", available from Friday 13 April : the film is based on a true story; the protagonist is the famous prelate Carlton Pearson who comes to question the doctrine of the Church so much as to be branded as a heretic;
  • "Game over, man!", Available from Friday 20 April : it is an action film that will entertain young and old; the protagonists are three friends who are about to finance their video game when, suddenly, their benefactor is taken hostage by the terrorists.