Want to know what the new Thirteen series looks like ? Read the summary of the first episode: 13 Reasons Why 2 First Episode: plot and summary; if instead you want to know how it ends, click here: 13 Reasons Why 2: how does it end? Final episode

13 Reasons Why: plot

The first season was released on March 31, 2017, the second comes out on May 18 on the Netflix video on demand service . The series was critically acclaimed, who praised the cast's interpretation and approach to delicate issues such as suicide, sexual violence, homosexuality, domestic violence and bullying, in short, the actors who interpreted the series have convinced the audience, but let's try to understand at what point the first season has stopped to prepare for the second. In the thirteenth and final episode of the first season, Clay gives Tony the tape containing Bryce's confession; during school interrogation, Hannah Baker's classmates confess their faults except for Alex, who attempts suicide by shooting himself in the head. Tyler is shown in his room while hiding a series of weapons and ammunition. What will happen?

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13 Reasons Why 2 in Streaming, where to see it

The "13 Reasons Why" series was created by Brian Yorkey, based on Jay Asher's novel 13, for the Netflix streaming platform . It will be possible to discover the episodes of the new season but, for those who do not use the on Demand platform, a difficult moment could be envisaged to be overcome; therefore we advise you to register now (the first month is free) and enjoy all the events of Hannah Baker, who as we know, will be somewhat present, even in this season. You are ready? 13 reason Why is returning …