The TV series to watch is Breaking Bad and if you have not already done so you have to run for cover. It is one of the most famous TV series of recent times, highly followed and appreciated by critics for the direction, the script and the masterful interpretation of the protagonists. In 2013 the Writers Guild of America named Breaking Bad the thirteenth best-written series of all time, so try it for yourself. Now that the TV series is over, we can make a mega summary of the last episode of the final season without being afraid of spoilers. Do you want to? Even addicted fans will be able to brush up on the fundamental steps of the last episode of the series … maybe you even want to see it again …

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The last episode ends one of the most successful series of all time but what is Breaking Bad about ? Here is the plot and the main characters. Breaking Bad - Collateral reactions went on air from 20 January 2008 to 29 September 2013 and the main protagonist is Walter White, an chemistry professor from Albuquerque who lives with his wife Skyler, pregnant with their second child, and his son Walter "Flynn" Junior, suffering from a cerebral palsy. Walter is almost fifty years old, and to make ends meet he is forced to do a second job as an employee of a car wash. To all this is added the profound sense of dissatisfaction of Walter, who must endure the harassment of his owner, his friends and family, who see him as a weak and submissive man. In particular, his brother-in-law Hank, DEA agent, with whom he also has a good relationship, never misses an opportunity to compare his adventurous life with that of Walter, totally unsatisfied. As if that wasn't enough, Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer. From that moment on his problems seem to get bigger and the situation precipitate. However, following the casual meeting with Jesse Pinkman, one of his former students who became a cheap drug dealer, Walter decides to cook methamphetamine. However, Walter's product turns out to be of a much higher quality than the competition, with a purity of 99.1%, on the other hand it is a chemist! He therefore decides to use his skills to take control of the drug market.


All the fans waited anxiously for the season finale, but how does the TV series end? How far will Walter White go to dismiss his fans worthily? The final episode leaves nothing outstanding. In the last episode, at 55 minutes and 23 seconds at the end of Breaking Bad, the circle closes. Expectations are high, starting with the title of the last episode: Felina, anagram of "finale", which retains the same meaning in Italian and English. Expectations we said: have they all been met? What can one really hope for Walter White? A reunion with the family? An escape in extremis? A death from cancer, or in prison, or a final challenge with your opponents? Fans approved, so here's how Breaking Bad ends!


Well, Walter has problems, this has been the leitmotif of the series' plot. The first of his dramas is that he is lost in the snowy New Hampshire, with the police on his heels. After stealing a car, Heisenberg plans the final battle. First buy a real M60 machine gun, then go home and retrieve a castor vial. Walt smoothly enters the villa of old friends, Elliot and Gretchen. His intentions seem decidedly sinister. With the surprise help of the drug addicts Badger and Skinny Pete, Jesse 's friends, passed off as "hit men", Walt blackmailed Elliot and Gretchen, forcing them to accept the drug money and then give it to Walter JR. at the age of 18. Thus, the White family will receive more than $ 9 million as a "fund for the victims of the perfidious Heisenberg" and everything Walt has done will not have been useless, at least from his point of view. Mr. White then visits his wife, and gives her a gift certificate to "get out of prison for free": the lottery ticket on which are written the coordinates where poor Hank and Agent Gomez are buried. Information to barter with the attorney general for an exemption from punishment. It is in front of Skyler that Walt finally admits that he created a drug empire not for the sake of his family, but to feel alive. This is his way of "fixing the family"! After that, White goes to liquidate Uncle Jack's gang. First he burst into a meeting between Lydia and Todd: knowing perfectly the manager's habits, Walter hides the lethal castor in the sugar bowl. And Lydia marks her own destiny by herself. Pretending to want to return to business with a new, phantom chemical formula, Walt enters the jaws of the wolf. He hands himself over to Jack and Todd, risking being killed on two feet. But when Jesse is in the room with him, Walt throws himself on him. It looks like one of the usual fistfights between the two, but in reality Heisenber wants to shield his protégé. Like a real deus ex machina, the M60 emerges from Walt's trunk, connected to a rotating base. The machine gun cleans up: only Todd and Jack are saved. Jesse, in a fit of fury, kills his evil counterpart, Todd . While Heisenberg places a bullet in the skull of the neo-Nazi convict. Jesse refuses to kill Mr. White : once again, he would have done nothing but obey Heisenberg's will. Free, Jesse escapes in the car with a liberating laugh. But Walt's fate is sealed. Wounded to death by his own machine gun, he observes the laboratory where the blue meth was produced with pride and affection. He then fell tired and lifeless shortly before the arrival of the police, with an expression of satisfied peace.

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