The main strength of Netflix, in addition to the proposals of original products always of the highest level (we mention titles like Bojack Horseman, Love, The OA, Stranger Things and the Defenders of Marvel), lies in its huge catalog, especially as regards the series tv .
Quantity is not quality, we know it well, but with such a choice available it is really impossible not to find something you like. However, Vasto does not mean infinite, and Netflix also has to face physiological limits: however much you want, the user will never be able to really find everything he wants. And this despite the fact that the streaming video company has become famous thanks to its sophisticated algorithm that manages to predict the tastes and aesthetic idiosyncrasies of its subscribers.
As will be remembered, in fact, instead of proposing invasive and not always truthful market surveys, Netflix relies on data relating to the viewing habits of users to decide which projects to produce: genre, tone, protagonists and directors are set (also, but not only) based on the films and TV series most appreciated by viewers.

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catalogo netflix come richiedere titoli mancanti


Yet - and here we return to the starting point - there may be some pre-existing works that the user would like to see land on Netflix and which are neither in the catalog nor among the company's future purchases. How do I request these missing titles? There is no need to send ebullient emails to the streaming service, just use the appropriate request mode that Netflix has decided to implement. In fact, there is an internal page where you can report the titles that you would like to see appear in the catalog. It is the "one and only place where you can present your requests", as stated in the message that stands out at the opening. But how to get there?

  • From the home page just scroll down the page until you get to the "help center" item.
  • Here on the right you can see a column called Quick Links, whose first entry is precisely " request movies or TV series ".
  • At this point it is possible to manually enter up to three titles that will be seriously taken into consideration by the company (which ensures that it receives all the messages and it is recommended not to repeat the operation hoping to be more persuasive).

In the event that the request is granted, if you are a subscriber you will be sent an email notifying you of the actual appearance of the desired title: congratulations, you are directly responsible for an important change in the Netflix catalog !


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