Big Little Lies 2: what you need to know

We have reached the second season of the Big Little Lies TV series that literally drove everyone crazy. In the first season we witnessed the story taken from the book of the same name Grandi Grandi Bugie by Liane Moriarty. The main characters of Big Little Lies are 3 women who lead three different lives: Celeste, Jane and Madeline with family and daughters to think about and daily problems to solve. Madeline experiences a situation of suffering due to the presence of a new woman in the life of the former partner. Jane is a mother who has found herself alone having to raise her son and is increasingly convinced that she is looking for her son's father. Finally, Celeste faces her husband's abuse every day. And in the second season what happens?

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Big Little Lies 2: the plot

The series will resume where the first season stopped and, this time, it is the result of the imagination and skill of producers and screenwriters. The last episode of the first season ends with the image of the protagonists interrupted by the mysterious photographic lens of someone who would seem to spy on their moves. This is someone who has chosen to investigate Perry's tragic murder. An accidental death? His mother Mary Louise Wright (played by Meryl Streep ) is not convinced that she arrives in the second season. The woman will try to obstruct Celeste in the custody of the twins and will try in every way to trace the truth about the death of her son. The cast has remained exactly the same, all the actors and protagonists are the ones we met in the first season and to whom we have become attached, at least to someone.

Big Little Lies 2: how does it end?

We are all waiting to find out how the second season of the Big Little Lies TV series that will be aired on Tuesday 23 July on Sky Atlantic will end . The title of the seventh and final episode is I Want To Know, we will witness the last bars of the process that sees Madeleine and her mother-in-law clash. Her mother-in-law's lawyer turned her back on the wall talking about a sexual addiction that she can't keep at bay made worse by the abuse of alcohol and drugs that make her a bad mother. Madeleine will try to defend herself with all her strength trying to go down a field as a lawyer of herself, will she manage to win? Will the truth surface?

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