13 Reasons Why (Thirteen)

13 Reasons Why 3: release, previews, streaming

Thirteen 3: release, previews, streaming of the third season of the hit TV series aired on Netflix and starring Hannah Baker.

13 Reasons Why (Jay Asher): summary of the novel

"13 Reasons Why" is a psychological novel written by Jay Asher, an American writer specializing in books for teenagers, published in 2007.

13 Reasons Why 2 in Streaming, where to see it

Do you want to know how the new Thirteen series is? Read the summary of the first episode: 13 Reasons Why 2 First Episode: plot and summary; if you want instead

Katherine Langford: private life and film

Do you really like 13 reasons why and Hanna Baker is your darling? Here are many curiosities about the actress who plays her.

Thirteen: spoilers and new season news

Thirteen: where we stayed Thirteen reasons why was the Netflix series revelation of the year. The incredible success and depth of the theme l ' ha

13 Reasons Why: summary of the tapes

The television series Thirteen aired on Netflix, based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher, now popular among teenagers all over the world.

13 Reasons Why 2 subtitled in Italian: where to see it

Everything is ready for the second season of "13 Reasons Why" which will be released on May 18th: here's where to see it with Italian subtitles.

13 Reasons Why 2: where to see it streaming and plot

The highly anticipated new season of 13 reasons why is back, the cult series that tackles the difficult topic of bullying: here are all the details ...

13 Reasons Why 2: first episode advances

13 reasons why is coming back: many new features of the new season, which we wanted to talk about in this article!

13 Reasons Why 2: how does it end? Final episode

Here we are dramatically arrived at the last episode of the second season of Thirteen: below is the summary of the final season.

13 Reasons Why 2 First Episode: plot and summary

Here we are 13 is finally back: the new puntante are available on Netflix and here we offer the summary of the first.

13 Reasons Why: complete cast of actors and characters

The second season of the TV series "13 Reasons Why", Netflix exclusive, highly anticipated, has become a real cult.

Dylan Minnette: life, age, girlfriend and film

Did you fall in love with 13 reasons why actor, Dylan Minnette? No fear! Here you will find a lot of information about him!

Thirteen will have a second season: the first advances

The first clues about the second season of Thirteen